Soulful singer-songwriter, Fran Clark, infuses her love of funky grooves, smooth soul and jazz flavours to deliver the music she calls Emotive Soul Pop.

"gorgeously chilled out" - Jules May-Brown - BFBS Radio1.

“This West London based chanteuse is a most accomplished soul and jazz vocalist.” - Musician Magazine.

“Beautiful People” Fran's second album, will be released digitally in September 2013 and is the result of several years of working towards a sound that would encapsulate the messages in her songs and the musical influences that she has had over the years. These include Minnie Ripperton, Stevie Wonder, Dianne Reeves, Des’ree, Brand New Heavies, Incognito and Jill Scott.

Based in West London, Fran began her career as a backing and session vocalist appearing on tracks of such artists a Matt Bianco and Oliver Cheatham.
It was in a busy, working covers band that Fran met her future music partner and husband, bass player Pete Clark. The two moved away from the band and concentrated on working as a music duo.

They worked the usual pubs, restaurants and functions, covering music from soul and pop to jazz from the very funky to the laid back. It was during those days that Fran began to hone her talents as a songwriter and Pete continued to develop his music engineering and production skills. This culminated in their first mini album “Change” under their band name, Body & Soul.

Together they formed their own record label, also called Body & Soul, which provided a platform for the emerging solo artist, Fran Clark.

The team produced Fran's debut album “To Fly” which received rave reviews from local media and press. Fran was interviewed and had several plays on internet and local radio including BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Cambridge.

"soft, smooth & lightly moisturised" - Sue Marchant - BBC Radio East.
“With a pleasingly unaffected, natural-sounding delivery and a considerable talent for writing original songs ranging from soulful ballads and lightly funky shuffles to the odd latin-inflected piece or relatively conventional standard-influenced material, Fran Clark has made an auspicious debut recording with "To Fly".
Chris Parker - The Vortex Jazz Club.

During the recession, at the start of the millennium, playing live became more difficult and less lucrative and the two extended their business to recording other artists in their London studio as well as music coaching. Fran continued to write songs amidst the uncertainty of the live music scene and the changing nature of the music business itself.

Fran and Pete continued to play live under the name Body & Soul as a duo or larger line up. Working with various other musicians in and around London brought them into contact with some talented musicians, including drummer Cristiano Castellitto, graduate of the prestigious Berkley Music College and pianist David Frankel, veteran of the London jazz scene. Both of whom play on Fran's second album, “Beautiful People” along with Pete on bass.

In finding the right sound for the second album, Fran wrote and arranged backing vocal parts and re-established a working link with her sister Josie Bannis, with whom Fran had worked on various session and live music projects. The backing vocal line up was completed with the addition of solo artist and friend, Winston Ward.

Fran now plans to showcase the songs from “Beautiful People” including producing music videos as she tries to gain media attention. She will be featured as a guest on various music platforms including internet radio and music blogs worldwide.

Fran is in the studio working to develop her sound and writing new material. A new acoustic single, “Back To You” is planned for release along with live performances in and around London.

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